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Published: 23rd November 2010
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Get your FREE 'Vintage Christmas Countdown' Ebook. Christmas wouldn't be christmas without this ultimate guide!

Each day of December through to Christmas day features articles about the history and origins of Christmas traditions plus vintage illustrations, recipes and vintage desktop wallpaper from the the turn of the 20th century and earlier times. This fascinating Christmas countdown collection explores a different aspect of the history and traditions of Christmas with articles about the origins and history of Christmas.

Beautifully illustrated with reproductions of authentic vintage Christmas artwork and postcards, this fascinating eBook explores the origins and history of our many Christmas traditions and symbols, such as:

What does "Yule" mean and how did it come to be Yuletide?

Where did the practice of putting a star on the Christmas tree come from?

What is wassailing and how did they make wassail in the 1600s?

Who was Saint Nicholas and why is the the "Boy Bishop" associated with him?

What is a "Reindeer Vision" and what does this have to do with Santa Claus?

What is the "peal of the bells" at Christmas time?

Do the Holly and the Ivy represent men and women?

How did the Victorians decorate their Christmas trees?

What did the first Christmas card look like?

Why do we kiss under the Mistletoe?

How do you ensure good luck in the New Year?

What could you expect to eat at a Medieval Christmas Feast?

What does the little town of Bethlehem have to do with bread and grains?

Each day covers a different Christmas tradition, starting on December 1st and continuing through to Christmas Day. You'll find eighteen traditional Christmas recipes from as early as the 1600s and over a dozen exquisite reproductions of vintage Christmas artwork as desktop wallpaper that you can download and install on your computer.

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''The Christmas Star''

Long, long ago, in the blue sky above the hills of Bethlehem, twinkled the stars. Very early in the morning they would sing together and would tell each other of what they had seen during the long night. They used to watch the shepherds guarding their flocks upon the hillsides, and one bright evening star that looked down upon the earth earlier than the others, would tell stories of little children whispering their prayers at the twilight hour. One wintry night a new star came to visit the other stars. It was so radiant that its rays shone upon the gray hills and made them light as day. It had come on a wonderful errand. The shepherds saw it and were frightened at its strange brightness; but an angel came to them and said: "Do not be afraid; the star has come to bring you good, tidings of great joy, and to show you the place where a little babe is born,--a little babe whose name is Jesus, and who will give peace and joy to the whole world."

Then the shepherds heard some singing,--beautiful singing, for a great many angels had come to tell the good news; and the star grew larger and brighter, it was so glad. When the angels had gone back to Heaven, the shepherds said, "Let us go and see this child." So they left their flocks sleeping on the hillsides, and took their crooks in their hands and followed the star, which travelled on and on till it led them to the little stable in Bethlehem, when the Baby Jesus was cradled in a manger. Then the star moved on again to a country far away, where some good, wise men lived. They saw the bright light, and noticed the star moving on and on, as if it were showing them the way to go. So they, too, followed the star till it rested above the birthplace of Jesus. Then the wise men went in and gave their best gifts to the baby, and they and the shepherds knelt and thanked God for sending the little Christ Child to be the best Christmas present the great world ever had. The star watched over them, casting a peaceful light over all. At last the dawn came over the hill tops, and the star went away, far back into the blue heavens, to tell the other stars the story of our first glad Christmas day.

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